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    WANTED: Cookies Script!

    I wanted to know if anyone could program me a cookies script in which cookies can be grabbed from webpage A and then the clicker will be sent to webpage B with the cookies from webpage A. So it woulld be just as if the clicker just visited webpage A, and is looking at webpage B (though the clicker never knows that he visited webpage A, but the cookies from webpage A are in his browser).

    I hope this is clear enough. Anyone familiar with the linkshare, cj and bfree affiliate programs will know what I'm talking about.


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    Oh yes, I am willing to pay for this script. Please give me quotes if you have them as I am new to this whole industry.

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    the only possible solution i can see is to pass a hash thourgh the URL from site A to site B,
    something like:

    and when a visit like this happen, automatically (from site B) connect to a database in site A, or read a (remote) file in site A, (maybe the later is much faster) and read the cookie information, and sets a new cookie.

    Contact me if you are interested in this solution.
    - Werfew

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    It's not possible to pass the cookies to the other sites. You could have a link does have the username and password in them and then redirect the php page once you set the cookies, but I think thats your best bet!

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    I want to pass cookies FROM other sites to my surfers, not pass cookies to other sites. Is this possible? Is it possible to pass cookies from other sites to people who click on your links? Thanks in advance again!

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    you mean.
    you want to set a cookie as if it were from another site?
    That's impossible. think about all the security risks that that would involve. I don't think that any (serious) browser could allow such a thing.

    If that's not what you mean and it's not what i proposed you either, please ellaborate a little bit better and I might give you a solution.

    - Werfew

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    short answer - no !

    long answer - def. not, cookies are site specific for a reason.
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    In the linkshare, cj and bfree affiliate programs, you can create links to their clients homepage and various products. When these links are clicked on, I believe a cookie from either linkshare, cj and bfree get set on the browser of whoever clicks on the link, while the browser gets the page of the linkshare/cj/bfree client.

    I just thought it'd be cool if I could bypass logging into my linkshare/cj/bfree account every single time i want to create a link for my website. I thought I could do that by creating a mySQL/php script that keeps track of the linkshare/cj/bfree clients that I have affiliations with, and use a single link from those clients to grab the necessary tracking cookies from linkshare/cj/bfree then forward the clicker to the product that I'm advertising.

    I hope this makes sense. Any ideas out there? I'm open to any solution.

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    That's exactly what my first post was about.
    You can pass a hash through the URL, then connect to that remote server and grab the information you need about that user.

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    Sorry about that, werfew. I'm interested in your solution. Could you point me somewhere where I can find out more about passing a hash through the URL? I've never heard of that before. Maybe someone could explain that also?

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    Here is a previous failed attempt:

    Could the hash solution work with this you think?

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    yes, it will work.
    but you have to be aware that you have to have control over both sites, you or whoever.. you cannot just read information from other sites or cookies that were set by others.

    It will be a little bit slower, because you will have to connecto the a remote site to read the information everytime you have a new visitor (that this, the first time you get a new hash),
    i am only thinking if it would faster to connect to the database or just read a plain text file in the remote server (i think the later would suit better).

    That's all i have to say,
    - Werfew

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