We can do absolutley rock bottom shoutcast, were looking for primarily large customers with around 100 listener slots + at these prices but will be happy to work with smaller customers with 20+ slots adding a dime or two to these prices. if you have any questions or are interested please feel free to PM or e-mail me using the e-mail feature on WHT. THanks!

Bitrate Price Per Listener
8Kbps $0.12
16Kbps $0.24
24Kbps $0.36
32Kbps $0.48
48Kbps $0.72
56Kbps $0.84
64Kbps $0.96
80Kbps $1.20
96Kbps $1.44
112Kbps $1.68
128Kbps $1.92
160Kbps $2.40