G'day everyone

I'm currently seeking employment remotely from home as either a Tech support person or customer support (I.E responding to tickets/offering advice etc)

I've been a computer technician for most of my early years (i'm 23) and have had alot of experience covering many operating systems (Mostly Microsoft) and have dealt with customers over the phone and via email.

I've worked for roughly 8 years in the computer support area and am now looking to branch out into the Webhosting area.

I've had a fair amount of experience with web hosting
I host websites for clients in America and friends at home (England) on my home connection (2nd pc)
I also have various websites (mostly bulletin boards) setup and hosted on a friends server.
I've had ALOT of experience administrating and moderating bulletin boards and have a TON of references to hand from people who've dealt with me over the internet I.E - Cash transactions and situations involving high levels of trust (More details available on request)

I pride myself on being a hard worker, trustworthy and having great attention to detail, not to mention having a great attitude with customers.

References and a CV can be provided on request.

The only complication would be that I live in the UK
It's been my dream for a long time to work from home and I hope someone out there will give me the chance to live it
I'd also be more than happy to work for a trial period UNpaid, to prove that I can do the job.

Thanks for reading,