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    Just a quick question!

    What are some appraising websites, and are there any free ones, if not please state the price if you know, also How do they appraise websites, on what rank, overall name? or what?

    Sorry If I posted In the wrong section, I wasn't really sure where to post and this seemed like the best section, if it's in the wrong section admin please move it to the correct one, thanks in advanced!

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    personally i wouldnt pay for any domain appraisal and never have.
    most of them are scams what ihave heard.
    peer appraisals is the best way to go for appraisals as you can post in this section of wht.

    your second question,

    appraising a website is a much more difficult process. First you have to look at the sites revenue. usually what you should consider is (monthly revenue X 12 months) is the right price to sell the site.

    If there is no revenue then its harder to sell a site but it all depends on Link POP/Yahoo Dmoz listed/pagerank/alexa rating/trafficstats/

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