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Thread: I need a price

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    I need a price

    In a near future, I am (hopefully) planning to buy a fairly complicated layout for my site. It's a gaming site (which is unfortunately down because my host just deleted our account without telling me anything) and I am looking for a layout that looks something like this (at this level):

    I was wondering if any of the designers can give me an approximate price that you require for you to make a layout like this so I know how much I need to pay and soon, I may purchase a custom layout.

    I am only a student, so I don't have a lot of money. Please be generous!


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    That kind of page is gonig to get on the expensive side, plus it may be hard loading, you mat want to consider a less graphically inclined design.


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    I agree with Death Reaper.
    Those examples are graphically intense so it would require a lot of work and optimizing.

    I am interested whatever it is you decide.

    My portfolio is available here:

    I'll email you with my offer.

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    These type of sites go for a lot. Expect to pay a pretty penny

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