OK.. above response was first day of signup and they responded fast, couple days later the following happened.

Very slow responses, and today they terminated my account after locking me out of my server and unable to fix what they have done to my server, and they will be hearing from my laywer very soon.

Reasons to Not go with FSM for your server management.

1. Cannot follow simple instructions as to how to login into your server if direct root login is disabled, had to keep telling them how to login every 2-3 responses because the instructions fell behind and they were too lazy to scroll down and read them so I had to post login instructions over and over.

2. Totally screwed my server bad, they didn't do jack **** expect increase server load, and LOCK me out of my own server due to some stupid reason and when I asked them to fix the problem immediately because I was unable to send out emails nor could I login to SSH to check what was going on today they terminated my account saying "DUE TO YOUR COMPLETELY VULGAR AND DISRESPECTFUL DIMEANOR TOWARDS US, WE HAVE TERMINATED YOUR SERVER MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING ACCOUNT."

3. This is the reason they gave me for not able to fix my problems nor manage my servers.

"Your firewall locked us out and prevented us from working on your server for the first 5 days, that is not our fault. Then you don't even provide the full login information (wheel login/port number/root). Then you disable the firewall for 20 minutes and say "fix immediately" knowing our SLA says 6-24 hours response time."

6-24 hours response time... and they maxed out the SLA time and responded only when 24 hours have passed and sometimes longer then that. The reason why they tought my firewall was disabled for 20 minutes only is because they forgot the login instructions again (are too lazy to scroll down and read them again) and didn't know that port was not the regular SSH port so I had to tell them "Firewall is disabled from configuaration and cannot start up on its down and here are the login instructions again..."

4. I called them after they locked me out of my server, terminated my account and all I got was that I have to email their sales department.

5. Keep blocking me off aim after termination and won't discuss why the account was disabled.

6. won't even tell me what they installed on my server so I can disable and continue logging into SSH.


The reason I'm so mad is not because they ripped me off for $29, lol, its because they won't tell me why or how I got locked out of my server... all they say is my account is terminated and I need to email them, which I did.