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    How much is it worth?


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    Does it have type-in traffic, link popularity?

    Ask yourself, what can that domain name be used for?, what do you mean by free market? If you think the domain name is worth something then hold it and see if anyone will buy it.

    In my opinion, I don't see any use for it. It's worth whatever you paid.

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    It's for a client of mine... he thought about setting up a libertarian portal, such as but he got an offer and would like to know what the domain is worth. The definition of "free market" is "An economic market in which supply and demand are not regulated or are regulated with only minor restrictions." Not much type-in traffic.

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    From an economist's point of view it would be worth a gread deal. But as said, if you have no ideea what to do with it, it's only worth what you payed for it, even less.
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