Hi all,

Were adding plenty of intel P4 servers shortly and have a few allready allready with over 50 more within 2 weeks.

The deal is on for this month only so hurry and get yours!

Intel P4 2.8 GHz
1Gb DDR Mem
160 GByte IDE disk
Linux Fedora , Debian , FreeBSD, Slackware and others

1000 GBytes per month transfer!!!

Setup fee 99+vat
Monthly fee 129+vat (99+vat per month without cpanel)

Adult/IRC are allowed so long as all content is legal under uk law.

We offer a uptime SLA of 99.95% on the network and 99% on all hardware. Hardware replacements are carried out within 4 hours should the need arise.

Test IP :

We operate our own fully BGP and redundant network with over 150 connections to other ISP's.
Some of these are Level(3), KPN, Telecomplete, Nildram, Easynet, Shaw Cable, Telewest, NTL, Microsoft .....

To ensure the best network we have setup peering in Newyork, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Switzerland so we can make sure that the traffic is carried to the destination along the very best fibres.

We provide 24 hour freephone support to all our clients and free reboots.

If you would like more information or to order please contact me on 0800 0 726480 or email [email protected]