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    International debt collectors

    Hi there all,

    This question is not specifically about running a web host biz, but I thought some of you guys could help me.

    Basically, we hired a fulltime designer to work from us remotely from Latvia. We got a contract drawn up and did all of that stuff, but then he only managed to work a handful of days due to illness. At this point we had sent him a total of $1800US. He then blackmails me and says that if he does not receive more money, he will quit working for us. Obviously I did not like this and I asked back for all of the money that we had sent him. He said he would do this, but he is getting harder and harder to get ahold off.

    Do you guys have any suggestions what to do? I was thinking if there are any international debt collectors any of you have used which have been effective. Basically all we have is a signed contract by him. Latvia has also joined the EU in the past week(s) so maybe this will make it easier for us to see our money?

    Thanks and take care - high quality web solutions

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    Maybe try....

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    First, I should mention that a debt collection agency will, most likely, not be able to assist you, as you were the purchasing client.

    I would suggest you get an attorney, since there is a written agreement.
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