Hi there,

We have some more servers available at special WHT pricing:


- 2U rack mount chassis, 6 drive hot-swap SATA back-plane, 400W PSU
- Intel P4 3.0GHz CPU (800MHz FSB, with HyperThreading)
- Supermicro P4SCi motherboard (with dual Gigabit LAN and SATA RAID)
- 1GB PC3200 DDR (400MHz) RAM (Dual channel)
- 36.7GB Western Digital Raptor Serial ATA HDD (10,000 RPM, 8MB Cache)
- 120GB Western Digital backup SATA HDD (7,200 RPM, 8MB Cache)
- 48x Samsung IDE CD-ROM Drive, 1.44MB Sony FDD

- 250GB premium multi-homed data transfer
- 100mbps full duplex burstable switch port
- APC remote reboot power socket
- Unlimited free IP addresses (subject to RIPE allocation guidelines)

100% network uptime SLA

GBP 185.00 set-up
GBP 185.00 per month


There are a full range of upgrade options available - please drop an email to [email protected] for further information.

Kind regards

Robin Balen
Gyron Internet Ltd