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    secondary zone maintenance automation tool

    Ok, I made the subject sound very geek-type

    This is what I'm referring to...

    Its for .NET platform...while I was looking for something on .NIX platform - anything that can work with Bind on Linux.

    So, any pointers to a software that does the exact (or close) same thing ?

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    Instead of using the traditional zone transfer method, I have a central repositry of template zone files. Using a perl script and Makefile, configurations and zones are created for each nameserver, then rsync'd across.

    Another script sits on each nameserver watching the modification time of /etc/namedb/named.conf and /etc/namedb/zones/ - when either change, a SIGHUP signal is sent to named.

    You could implement something like that - It's worked for me for years.

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    You basically just need to copy over the named.conf file and change "master" to "slave"... not too hard to script that.
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