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    I was looking at a tutorial and saw that offers webhosting. Here is a list of what they are offering.

    500 Megabytes Storage
    25 Gigabytes Data Transfer

    Setup Fee=Free
    Monthly Cost =$5.95 (6 Months=$35.70)
    Monthly Bandwidth=25 Gigs
    Web Space=500 Mb
    99.9% Uptime=Yes
    Mailing List=Unlimited
    E-mail Accounts=Unlimited
    Ftp Accounts=1
    SQL Databases=1
    Sub Domains*=15
    Parked Domains*=3
    Addon Domains*=3
    Frontpage Extensions=Yes
    Webalizer Stats=Yes
    Custom Error Pages=Yes

    *=Need explaining on what that means.

    Can somebody tell me if that is good deal or not? Also need explaining on Starred objects.

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    - Sub Domains, are created from your own domain name, for example say you have your, you might then have as 1 sub domain.

    - Parked Domains, A parked domain means if you had two top level domains say and, you can "park" the second one ontop of the first and people visiting either would arrive at the same site.

    - Addon domains, this allows you to point a second domain name to a seperate directory on your website, so say you registered a domain like you could use that as an addon domain and have it pointed to

    - PHP is a scripting language and Perl a programming language, both used mostly for creating dynamic website content rather than just static html pages, if you want to host any sort of forums or dynamic scripts you'll need support for one of these, but they are pretty standard offerings anyway.

    - cPanel is a control panel used to manage all aspects of your account, from mail accounts, files, to the features above (sub, parked and addon domains and more)

    As for the deal, well it's ok, a little on the cheap side however, everything about their website just screams "kids with a bit of server space" it doesn't look like a serious hosting business to me.

    There's plenty of hosts around that'll offer you all the features listed above, try using the "host quote" link at the top of the board, explain what you need, and how much you can afford each month (mabye even point to this thread to help them see what you're after) and you'll get some offers from some more serious hosts.
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    This is just a personal thing but I would never consider going with a host that has google ads all over their pages. Especially when half the ads are for competitors sites.

    Also, if you go with them be sure to choose a large enough plan because they charge $4.00/gb for excess transfer.

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    Just looking at that logo reminds me of a guy I know on the IMR forums. TheSpear, instead of TheSfear.

    Probably isn't him, but anyways, if someone you trust recommended you to this host I would say to go with it. Otherwise, use the search feature here on WHT, research and read some reviews and you'll probably end up with a better host candidate.
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    You could always compare by getting host quotes. Seems reasonable enough though.
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