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    Question Domain LOCKED ????


    recently I'm having problems with my domain.
    For some reason the status of my domain is locked.
    This with no action on my behalf.

    The first time it happend my ISP sayed that it was locked from someone or something in the US. (I Live in Belgium)
    Ok, no problem they would look into it.
    Then it was again released.

    Now from time to time our domain is being locked on regular basis.
    I don't understand why or how...
    Neither does my ISP.

    If somebody could explain this behaviour I would really appreciated this.


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    could you please tell us the domain in question and we may be able to give you more information.

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    Firstly, it might help if you post the domain, is it the one in your profile?

    And what kind of "lock" are you talking about? and exactly what problems are you having? the status of a domain can be locked at the registrar (with most registrars anyway) which is perfectly normal, it stops other people from being able to transfer the domain away or make changes, without access to the account to remove the lock.

    Your ISP, probally wont be able to help you, unless it's just a problem with the domain not resolving, who is your registrar?

    Some more details as indicated above would be useful.

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    If it is the domain in your profile, the "locked" status it has on it is nothing to worry about, like i said it's to protect your domain, you should be able to remove this by logging into your registrar, but it's better to leave it on, unless you need to transfer the domain somewhere else.

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    or better to change the domain password immediately.

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    ask your registrar.. he can lock/unlock it other than you
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    Locked domains mean that it cannot be transferred until unlocked

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    Your best bet would be to contact the registrar of your domain and find out why it is always being locked, each registered has a slightly different policy with locked domains..

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    Does the domain still resolve?
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    THere are a few reasons for locked status, a domain under 60 days old is locked from transfers, also by default we register (as do many others) all our domains as locked, and only by request do we unlock them, this stops "domain slamming" where people will transfer a domain when they don't want to. and DROA (domain registry of america) are two that are famous for this among others. It's nothing malicious or to worry about usually, it's just to protect the customer (in many cases).
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