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    Can I change this FTP infomation?

    Hi all,

    I have one reseller. When he use FTP to access hist client account, he see the welcome message from FTP server:

    220-This computer system is for authorized users only. Individuals using this
    system without authority or in excess of their authority are subject to
    having all their activities on this system monitored and recorded or
    examined by any authorized person, including law enforcement, as system
    personnel deem appropriate. In the course of monitoring individuals
    improperly using the system or in the course of system maintenance, the
    activities of authorized users may also be monitored and recorded. Any
    material so recorded may be disclosed as appropriate. Anyone using this
    system consents to these terms.

    220 ProFTPD 1.2.9 Server (ProFTPD) []

    He say that he dont want to see myservername in the annoucement. Can I change this info?

    Please help me to do this.


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    Yes, just look at the ProFTPD docs. Quick Google search gives this:

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    Thank you very much, luki!

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    I think i m late to reply as given suggestion by Luki, "DeferWelcome" prevents proftpd from displaying the servername until a client has authenticated.



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