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    Need Recommendation for Hosting Membership Site


    We are looking for some recommendations for hosting a new membership site. We need at least 450mb space, 100GB bandwidth with the ability to purchase more if needed. We will have affiliates who will have self-replicated sites so we need a company who will work with us should we receive any spam complaints. We will of course, have a strict NO Spam policy and any members deemed spamming will be immediately removed from the server.

    We would also like to find out about having our own nameserver (ie:

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Charles & Susan Truett

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    if youur members can have a seperate domains than you might need a reseller account.. or if member sites are just going to get customised pages with a member id or sub-domain than you might do with a shared hosting account...

    In any case try hostquote
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    I would highly recommend that you consider a dedicated server, possibly managed. I can't personally recommend any companies offering dedicated servers, but a little research should help you out. You'll find it's less expensive than you think.
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    I recommend a reseller account ot dedicated server for your needs

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    Use host quote. It will be difficult; self replicating sites are spam MAGNETS.
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    Thanks to everyone for your replies! We will give hostquote a try.

    Thanks again,
    Charles & Susan Truett

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