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    Burst Test.. where?

    Alright here's a burning question I never asked..

    Where do you download from for speed tests? (burst speed, max out the NIC etc.)

    Of course there are capacity thresholds to think about the server your hitting etc. but where is the best place to go every time.. someone you can count on is ready and waiting to meet your absolute limit

    Two that always pop in my head are
    and (I know there bandwidth is resold by another company)

    But of course these places/sites I think would have the capacity.. I don't know there actual stats..

    Note: I like too I've noticed there linux mirrors are fast sometimes.. but don't much about them really..

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    there is no such server/network that can be accessed at its max capacity from all over the world. it will always be faster for some and slower for the others depending on various factors. for a real stress test you can try to download a file hosted on a decent network (> or = ur bandwidth capacity for obvious reasons) with multipe threads. for windows there are lots of download managers/accelerators such as flashget. for unix there is this tool called prozilla.
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