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    Can someone tell me more about what you think of this site. I sent them an email but no response one day later. Maybe I have to wait longer.


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    That site is not coming up for me right now.


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    This site is currently down. I have heard of Host4me buit i havent heard anything bad about them. Give them a shot, may suprise you with good things, or maby not. Then you could enlighten all of us with how it went

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    seems like it is.

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    Sorry for the numerous posts and for wrong url

    host4me dot net

    is what it should of been

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    Host4me has had its share of downtime, and tech support can be hard to get ahold of, but their prices are right, and overall I have had no problem with my account, once I got everything setup.

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    This thread will be of interest to you:
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