Budget up to $10,000 . PM me what you have to offer $500 MIN PER MONTH EARNINGS! Do not reply to me otherwise.

Most likely $5000-$10,000

Site must be receiving minimum of $500/mo for $5000 offer and $1000/mo for $10,000

Prefer webmaster sites. No Adult Sites! No Pharmacy, cigarrete, template sites. Do not PM me garbage.

High Alexa Rankings and Google PR's are a plus. I prefer Google PR 7 + 8 but 5 and 6 are fine up to $5000.

Alexa should be around 20k for $10,000

I'm not looking to buy a part time job so if the site takes an hour or two a day to maintain I'm not interested.

Don't comment saying i'm not offering enough etc. Posts will be reported to the mods.