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    This is an almost completed version. I still need to get content up in portfolio, and I will eventually have a splash page up.

    I am interested what you guys think so far, as well as any bugs/errors.


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    I really like your background textures. Each page's colors are good too. The text is a bit small and you have lots of room to fill.

    I do suggest that you rewrite your About page. You sound terribly young and desperate. Try to project some confidence.
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    You've got a slick setup, no doubt that you have spent "countless hours" working on it, but you mught want to let visitors know what it is that you have to offer them. I didn't see much content, but you've got a good start. Good luck!

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    Yep, looks very nice, as they said not much for content nor what your suppose to be doing, or selling for that matter, just to put out what your selling or doing.

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