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    setting Dreamweaver to recognize .tpl files

    I followed the tutorial here: on setting Dreamweaver to recognize and open phpBB's template .tpl files so I can modify them.

    Now when I launch DW, it's giving me multiple warnings like:
    The Document Type 'HTML' (<-example) will not be added because it uses a file extension that is already associated with a prior Document type.
    I get 17 such warnings for different document types.

    DW still seems to work otherwise. I can open the .tpl files and fiddle around with them. Still, all those warnings are a concern. Have any of you tried this? Any ideas?

    Note, I am using DW MX which the tutorial is written for.
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    Here is what I learned from a Macromedia technician:

    DW processes all .xml files in the Configuration/DocumentTypes folder,
    so be sure to name your backup copy of MMDocumentTypes.xml to be
    something like "MMDocumentTypes.bak" (as opposed to something like "Copy of MMDocumentTypes.xml").

    I renamed the backup file I had created (Copy of ...) and the problems went away as soon as I restarted DW! Give it a try and good luck!

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