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    Porn. To be or not to be.....?

    What's the pro's and con's of allowing porn on your servers?

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    pro allows another maket to be tapped and you can charge more.
    webmasters are generally more knowledgeable.

    increased usage
    additional hack attempts ie people trying to crack passwords
    regulation of content
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    More client flexibility.
    Possibility of more accounts.

    Legal liability.
    Loss of clients due to your allowing porn.
    Increase in hack attempts.
    Having to spend time monitoring content to make sure it is legal.

    Basically, if you are going to allow pornographic images, you should be a porn-only host. This way you will not lose any potential clients. Also, you will not have to deal with people that post rude messages on message boards when they become offended to find out that you allow porn. I have seen those types of posts on many hosting companies forums before. Generally the client did not read the TOS, and figured that porn was not allowed on the server.

    Some people are very sensitive to the issue.

    I really think you would make more potential clients happy than sad by not allowing porn.

    It is up to you though! I hope you get some good ideas on what to do from the posts on this thread.
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    I would recommend that if you do choose to host Adult contents, put these adult sites on separate server from your regular hosting clients, as many would feel uncomfortable knowing that you have adult sites hosted, (EX: Church sites) and also would put a security risk to your none-adult customers.
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    Re: Porn. To be or not to be.....?

    Originally posted by alogic
    What's the pro's and con's of allowing porn on your servers?
    your pocket gets lined
    your new clientele comes out of the woodwork

    server attacks
    datacenter crackdowns
    State Police
    Local Police
    IRS Investigation of the ecommerce
    US Customs

    It ain't worth it
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    Things to think about...

    Growing up I was told by my family, you are known by whom you associate.

    There are greater treasures in life than money.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciate it. I've decided to change my AUP immediately. Luckily, I don't have any clients hosting porn (and never will).

    Thanks again.

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    I made the choice in the beginning on the ethical/use issues. I saw no reason to have clientel who actually use all their bandwidth and more!

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    I also made the choice not to host porn. Dynamicnet words of wisdom are pretty top notch in my opinion.

    Sure it'll open up to a few more $, but

    a) Do you like going to bed worrying at night (I don't)
    b) Do you think you'll be able to have total control over the content, i.e. be able to monitor it for anything illegal ?
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    Hosting adult oriented cotent / adult pornography has alot of pro's and con's.

    the thing i think would be screwy about it is do you monitor your clients content? If you do then when they do upload something that is either questionable or completely illegal and you dont catch it before the feds do. Or you catch it and it doesnt get taken care of before the feds find out and you can be held liable either way. So i just dont think it would be smart to be hosting that sort of content on your servers.

    I dont doubt alot of the bigger adult sites are hosted on atleast 1 server if not numerous. i wouldnt doubt that alot of adult sites are hosted on their own servers for the fact that they have hard time finding normal shared hosting accounts that accept adult content.

    Any ways i think its not a good idea because you are always taking the risk of many things if you allow adult content on your clients websites.

    - James

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    Also consider the fact just viewing illegal porn IS illegal, as far as I am aware- so monitoring in itself would be illegal surely?

    Someone clear that up for me
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    Viewing porn is illegal in some places, not all. It's illegal if the viewer is under 18 everywhere, at least in the USA.

    That's my understanding of it.

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    I meant the more dodgy stuff Matthew- beastiality, child porn etc.

    I remember reading an advisory about if we ever had a complaint of such material being hosted. First step is not to look at it under any circumstances and alert the relevant authorities.
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