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    * What is up with my Adsense?

    I just got Vb3, and installed it onto the domain

    As you can see the index.php page displays PSA ads (garbage.) And all of the actuall forums display targeted ads, even the who's online page displays them... Why not the index??

    Any hints from adsense experts?


    BTW I have waited 48 hours for the ads to display approprietly before I posted this.

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    Maybe because your forum is new?
    It takes time for them to find the "ideal" ad for your content

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    Just means they haven't been able to match the content on the page to specific ads/searches. Basically there's not enough of a theme in the small amount of content (just the forum descriptions) on that page. You might be able to solve it by adding a few paragraphs of text content somewhere.
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    Thats what I figured, but it doesn't seem to be that way.

    If you look at all the other links on there the ads display targeted information. Even the "religion" thread has religion ads.

    Thats why I am so confused. I also noted 8 google crawlers searching around the pages for around 10 minutes. So I have no clue what could be causing the PSA ads on the main page... Could it be some of my META tags?


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    JayC, I will try that.

    Hmmm... Where to put it (lol)

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    Comment it in the code.

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    I got it to work, however it only works on the domain without the WWW?!

    see for yourself- (PSA ADS) (TARGETED ADS)

    Now, how, or why exactly is it doing this?

    Thanks for your help guys BTW!

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    If only I could monetize on PSA ads about gorrillas >:|

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