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    Hi , please check my sig for a link to our new site. Please let me know what you think.


    Nik /+ Flashlevel

    PS: SORRY FOR THE CROSS POSTING, I JUST REALIZED this is the right place for this kind of post.

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    on my screen the little blue loading bar on MSIE didnt stop after 20 mins. there might be a bad link?

    otherwise it looks very nice, but it is blurry to me and i have very good vision. I think it might have to do with the low contrast between letters (white) and bg (mint).
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    Love the site!

    As stated above however something is constantly loading in the browser, not sure what. Also although the live support shows online, was unable to have any live chat system launch.

    Good Job overall!
    - Tim

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    Looks nice, but it depends, some might not think flash is professional.

    I think it serves its purpose. Good Job!

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    Those nav buttons are cool!

    I don't get a horizontal scroll bar when my broswer is narrowed. Is this typical of Flash based sites? I never noticed before.

    At the bottom of your pages, the "t" of your "terms of use" looks sliced.

    The site is a beauty.
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    its beautiful
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    HI all, very glad you all like it!

    We are still working on the site, there will be some updates coming soon that will hopefully fix all browser errors.

    Thanks for checking it out.


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