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    Design for domain.

    Hello, my name is George, also known as Abstractionist.
    I've recently been sponsored by a webhosting company, and I've won hosting from a design battle. Only problem is, I don't have a domain.
    I am an all-around artist, so I do basically everything. From photo manipulation, to 3d modeling, to abstract. I am willing to make a graphic such as a wallpaper, logo, or banner for a domain, or $15 USD. Some examples of my work can be found at If you are intrested, you can PM me, contact me via email at [email protected], or contact me by replying to this thread.

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    I"m interested. PM on the way.

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    Im sure something can be worked out. email in the mail.

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    Hi there - if you have aim please add me - fizzyjellydotcom

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    I have the domain, thanks to all who were intrested.

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