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    Advice for a Streaming Media Server

    I am new to the dedicated Server world and am looking for advice for a DC/Provider and machine setup. I have a client that wants to Stream Windows Media of live sporting events. We have a dual processor Windows Media Encoder setup for live streaming to a Windows 2003 server.

    My question is what would make a good windows server and who has the best price/location for such a server?


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    so far i only seen ServerMatrix offered very cheap windows based server price and same goes to EV1. You also may consider to look at the offers page or host quote to give you the best price

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    What I am mainly looking for is the recommended system for the server needs to be. I have looked at several offers and done some research but I am not sureif the machines I am looking at is not enough, too much or just right. To start out with the server will only be used for streaming media and later maybe later all of my other clients site will be moved to it.


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    First of all, you'll need a Windows 2003 Standard Edition server, not Web Edition (which is what most dedicated server providers sell.)

    Streaming doesn't take up much CPU; it's mostly bandwidth and hard disk space. A middle-of-the-line P4 with 1GB RAM and as large a disk as you need for your events (you should be able to calculate that easily) will do you fine.
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