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    Certified systems administrator needed!


    I have 3 dedicated servers in EV1 dataceter, all of them are P4 Redhat with cpanel. Soon I will add 6 same packages within 2 or 3 months.

    I need a Certified systems administrator, at least 3 year experience with Redhat Linux, must be familiar with Cpanel.

    Your jobs are quite simple:

    1. initial dns setup
    2. chkrootkit and other security issure
    3. upgrading software (cpanel...)
    4. monitor server to make sure 99.9% uptime
    5. find out some bad clients who abuse my box and inform me.
    6. restore accounts if masterdrive fail or there is a hack (oops, if you manage the server, it shouldn't have any hacks).

    I will do the rest!

    My budget is UK ?00 ($180) per month through .

    I need the admin within 2 days, please post your cv to [email protected] , thanks.

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    the US $180 is for max 4 servers, I will pay you more when we add more servers.

    actually I can do 90% jobs through WHM, the problem is that I do not know much about SSH and do not know how to monitor my servers.

    My servers have dns setup problem, mysql are always down, bind down...

    If you think it takes your more time, you can just setup the servers at start and tell me how to do the rest. Just make sure $180/each month is good enough for you, you are happy, and I am happy.

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    Did you receive my resume?, As I never heard anything back

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    If you're still looking for help, Linux Tech Networks can help you out. I'd be more than happy to work out an arrangement with you for administration and maintainance. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, info is in my sig.
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