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    Webhosting script

    Does anyone know a webhosting script that can do the following:

    Limit webspace
    Limit bandwidth
    Limit MySQL
    And do everyting else that cpanel or DA or Helm or Plesk or anyother thing in the genre can.

    I want it to be kinda like IPFM ( which can't limit bandwidth so i don't want that )

    It can be in CGI or PHP...

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    I think I'm completely lost.

    "And do everyting else that cpanel or DA or Helm or Plesk or anyother thing in the genre can"

    Then why not use one of those that you mentioned?
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    Think he means FREE script or one that allows him to give virtual sites of his domain like GeoCities.

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    I am not sure how many (if any) free content managers have something that will monitor bandwidth.

    I know this is a perl script (which more than likely will run fine for you), but have a look at it:

    For the MySQL limiting, what you could do is add MySQL access and databases through the command line, or install PHPMyAdmin to do it through the web. Within MySQL itself, you are able to limit how many, and which databases a user has access to.

    Hopefully you will find something that works like you want it to. There are a great deal of content managers available out there. Many of them are free, but will limit you on certain features that you may want.

    I would definitely recommend using one of the control panels that you listed, as they will do everything you want them to. I know that the price may be a bit high, but some places (Nocster) offer fairly cheap licenses with the purchase of a server.

    Then again, you could also get a reseller account.

    Good luck!
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    Xpanel <- The Best script for what you are talking about !
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