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    Anti Virus for a Shared Hosting

    My Hosting company does not have any anti-virus installed in thier server, mainly for emails.

    Is there any solution that I can use like a script or similar to protect my mails from virus?

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    Hello Akaize

    You could run ClamScan on the email. I am not sure if your host would be so nice to install for you. The Anti-Virus scanning now adays should be included.
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    ClamScan and MailScanner together are a great pair. Since we started using both on our servers I can't even imagine how many virus' have been stopped (we monitored them for a few days when they were first installed and stopped counting at around 10 000).
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    That is the setup we run except we use qmailscanner. Yes we filter out thousands a day. If your host is really nice they could install spam assassin with the qmailscanner also that way you could have spam tagging
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