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    Two NIC's and Two IP addresses


    I'm from India. Contrary to expectations, the quality of speeds over here is dismal.

    Current I'm having a net connection on a WAN. My local provider has bought 1 mbps connection and is distributing 64 kbps connections over a WAN using a Linux router(NAT).

    I have a 64 kbps connection right now. I requested him to increase my bandwidth to 128 kbps.

    My provider is not so technically inclined. He doesn't want to call the Linux Sys Admin, who charges a lot, to change setting at the router. He has agreed to allot me another private ip. Basically another connection.

    My non-routable ip is(winipcfg screen):

    >> Windows 98 IP Configuration
    >> Ethernet adapter :
    >> IP Address. . . . . . . . . :
    >> Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . :
    >> Default Gateway . . . . . . :

    Suppose he were to allot me, for instance, as an ip address, what are the options(software) to combine 64 kbps from and the other 64 kbps from

    I'm using Windows 98 Second Edition. I have two NIC's(Davicom and Realtek) installed on my PC.

    I installed Windows XP and used its bridging feature, but couldn't notice any speed difference. I don't even know if the briding worked! I suppose it is for bridging computers on different subnets. My subnet mask is the same, namely

    I searched this forum for the terms 'two nic' but was not able to look up any solution for my problem.

    I would be grateful if somebody could guide me on how to go about using two NIC's installed on computer with TWO different IP's of 64 kbps bandwidth limits to combine the connections to achieve speeds of 128 kbps.

    Should I be utilizing two NIC's from the same manufacturer?

    I tried a software called TCP Port Rerouter v1.00

    >> TCP Port Rerouter is a port mapper. It fully
    >> supports not only bridging the host but also
    >> rerouting the port. (Most GUI-based port
    >> mappers don't offer rerouting the port
    >> itself.)

    I willing to read up on the suggested solutions. I'm willing to learn Linux if there is a solution. I'm not limiting myself to the Microsoft world.

    SOFTWARE solutions only please. Can't afford expensive hardware.

    Thank you in advance for your attention and consideration.

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    1. setup 2 NIC in the main computer that shares the internet
    2. make sure linux does know the functionality of your internet and same goes to your switch
    3. buy a new switch
    4. link the windows machine to the hub/switch
    5. set the iptables or your firewall settings to share the internet or to forward port to selected ip (eg.

    This is what i had done in the small network but never tried network bridge.
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    Hi xplora03,

    Thanks for your inputs.

    >> setup 2 NIC in the main computer that shares
    >> the internet

    Sorry, for not being clear about the number of computers. I have ONE computer with 2 NIC's. There is no other computer to share the internet with.

    I want to be able to COMBINE two internet connections into a faster connection. I remember about software that did the same for modem/dial-up connections.

    The reason I mentioned two ip addresses is, my provider doesn't want to incur expenses just to change the settings only for me. Actually, he is afraid of something going wrong. He is a small player. He is providing connections by activating MAC id's on the Linux NAT router. Changing settings on the router is ruled out.

    >> hub/switch

    I have bought myself a new 8-port hub to connect the two connections to my PC.

    I hope the details will help in digging up a solution.

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