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    * Migrating from Apache 1.3.x to 2.0.x

    I am running Apache 1.3.24_2 on FreeBSD 4.8 and am trying to migrate to the latest distribution of apache (2.0.48 as of this writing). I followed the suggested instructions with a minimum of customization:

    1. Downloaded tar, decompressed and extracted in /tmp.
    2. Then I did "./configure --prefix=/usr/local/etc/apache/httpd"
    3. Then I did "make"
    4. Then I did "make install"

    Everything looked like it created/copied files successfully.
    I haven't done anything else. So now I guess I have a lot of new dirs under the apache dir with newly modified file dates. I fire up apachectl and it still returns 1.3.24_2 as the version. All httpd processes show this as well. How come nothing has updated? Am I missing a step? It seems like now I just have twice as many apache files, and still only have the old, non-updated server.

    I am a UNIX noob, which complicates matters, but I thought I followed these instructions correctly. Apparently not...

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    I don't know if your prefix is what you want. I think you would do better to have it set to /usr/local/etc/apache (the default is /usr/local/apache2).

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