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    Please Review :

    Iím requesting a review of our site, which is currently in beta development.
    Please take the following into consideration.
    The TechLinks100 is a web directory listing of Internet resources for technology related websites
    Techlinks100 is targeted at computer users and webmasters

    We also have some guideline questions feel free to elaborate on the answers

    As a USER
    -Do you understand what the site does when you visit it?

    -Is the site easy to use?

    -Would you use the site?

    -What features would you like to see?

    -Do you understand the benefits of joining?

    -What other benefits would you like to see?

    -Would you join?

    We are considering adding features such as traffic statistics, page rank, back links ectÖ

    Any additional input will be greatly appreciated

    Max Dennis

    this is webhostingtalks vote page
    p.s. if the one of the webmasters for this site would like to change your description that would be cool.
    thanks again

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    It never loaded.. Just hung there..

    get it fixed.. then we will review it.

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    Seems to be working now. Hey, I think that looks pretty good, like the style. Seems like you've got some good content too...

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    looks nice, good content, just the it needs to be wider as right now it's very small on the width

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    Great looking site. Kudos!
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    I like it, clean and simple.

    Seems to serve it's purpose well. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    OOO I liked it so much I bookmarked it. I'm sure I'll be a frequent viewer. I love the kinds of sites your cataloging and I'm always looking for more.

    Maybe some hoverover text that describes your fields. How they get 'Growth' 'stars' etc.

    And also a forum good be handy.

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