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    Messenger Spam - BHdotCOM

    Just want to make you hosts aware of a messenger spammer/scammer out there targetting web hosts

    They added us to AOL messenger BHdotCOM

    This transcript is quite amusing so want to share with

    > hello


    > I hear you are interested in aquiring more web host customers

    Where did you hear this?

    > on a website

    I suppose your going to offer us some wonderful solution?

    > our product doesnt offer an overnight solution but offers a very attractive ROI

    I dont remember you asking your permissions to contact us?

    > You have given us permission


    > On a website

    What website?

    > i dont remember

    At this point i cut him off so he gave us a high warning rating

    Im assuming he's got a program to grab contacts from webpages so he didnt even know who he was talking to

    Anyone else had problems with this person?


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    no more than 3 minutes after i read this i have gotten a message from them. I will post the transcript when we are done. Thanks for the heads up.

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    What is the URL for bhdotcom?

    They havent contacted me yet.

    But their name confuses me as I cannot figure out their url.
    I have heard of them before...on the forums I believe.
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