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    Php/MySQL/Linuy memory leak?


    I have an data import process that runs daily. As soon as I start the process, it starts to chew up memroy until it totally chokes my server.

    After I terminate the process, the memory is NOT reclaimed by Linux.

    Question 1: How come Linux is not reclaiming the memory. I have read that Linux has a "lazy" memory reclaimation algo, but in this case, the memory is simply not reclaimed.

    Question 2: How can I start debugging the problem. Are there any tools to figure out what is going on.

    Question 3: Is there a Linux tool to force memory reclaim.

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    It could be a problem with the program and linux.

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    my suspicion is that I am not releasing memory after a block of data is read from mysql (into php)... but I should not have to worry about that once the script is terminated (!!)

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