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    Server Admin - Ottawa Valley

    If anyone is running a hosting business, or server farm, in the Ottawa Valley area of Canada, and looking for an admin who can do on-site work, contact me via IM. Years of Linux, and Windows Server experience. Built and managed an ISP, and sucessful hosting company recently. Both endeavours were for other folk who took over maintenance after the systems were stable, so once again, I am available for work.

    Email or IM contacts only, please.

    zarin (at) dscn (dot) net - email/MSN
    Zarin1480 - Yahoo/AIM
    4346835 - ICQ


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    Thanks.. Not alot of servers running up here, but never hurts to post. Worst case, it takes all of 5 or 10 minutes out of my life, and that's the end of it


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