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    Host + Clients For Sale

    I'm looking to sell my small hosting business, so here goes, i'll try and give you as much information as possibile.

    The majority of our clients are based on a large reseller account split across two different servers, we do have one server of our own also with a few clients however, this server and the accounts on it are being sold separately and already spoken for.


    There are 59 paying clients 24 monthly, 35 annually they are mostly very small plans and they break down like so:

    4 x $2.00
    10 x $3.50
    4 x $5.00
    1 x $7.00
    2 x $10.00
    3 x $12.00

    $126.00 monthly recurring


    2 x $20.00
    13 x $22.00
    2 x $35.00
    9 x $38.00
    4 x $55.00
    4 x $77.00
    1 x $130.00

    $1396.00 annually recurring

    The yearly accounts are all due between august and february

    plans + resources

    $2, $20, $22 plans - 100mb/1gb

    $3.50, $35, $38 plans - 200mb/2.5gb

    $5, $55 plans - 300mb/3.5gb

    $7, $77 plans - 500mb/6gb

    $12, $130 plans - 1gb/12gb

    The two $10 plans one is 1gb/10gb and the other 500mb/10gb so all accounts are paying $1 - $2 per gb


    11 customer domains charged at $9.95 p/year all due between august + january they are currently all in a directi reseller account 8 of the domains are still live with customers, one has moved elsewhere and two were terminated for non-payment, so obviously i doubt those two would be renewed

    1 x DirectI Reseller account .com, .net, .org domains are $6.99
    1 x $7.95 Enom Reseller Account
    1 x edgepanel license (was free but not sure if they still are)
    1 x phpmanager license
    30 branded flash tutorials cPanel + dns
    domains: 2 x .com, 2 x .net, 1 x .org
    1 x leased vBulletin license (but this expires in about 2 months)
    2 x unique vBulletin 3.0 skins
    1 x unique website template/layout

    4 of the domanis are related to the company, 1 main domain, 1 for our support site, 1 for our forums and 1 was used for some subdomain accounts, the other domain is a generic dns/host domain that's never been used for anything

    servers + other details

    As i mentioned these customers are on a reseller account, on 2 different dual xeons at GNAX, this account is not due to be billed again untill 26th april so you'd have plenty of time to move them

    what i'm looking for

    Priority number 1 is the customers, i will only talk to serious, solid looking companies that have been around a while and will look after them.

    Priority number 2 - my own websites, i have one main site a couple of small test/hobby type sites, and a couple of friends sites, i want to keep these online, i would actually be very interested in a deal that includes a reseller/semi-dedicated account or a small server for x amount of months rather than a cash deal, as long as the customers are looked after and my own sites are up on a good network i'm happy.

    Any offers must include a guarantee that customers paying yearly will be offered the same package at least untill their next renewal date, with no price increases, and monthly customers offered the same package for at least the next 6 months, with no price increases.


    Please don't PM me, if you are interested in making an offer or have questions please email [email protected]

    You must contact me from a company email address, i wont consider private buyers i need to know where my customers and my own sites are going to end up.

    You're welcome to ask general questions here, but i'll only reveal the domain name by email, if you meet the above requirements ( and you can save your time by not searching my posts, it's not in any of them )

    Thanks for your time, hopefully i didn't miss anything.
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    do you have msn messenger?

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    Are these customers using a control panel?

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    Originally posted by illusions_ca
    do you have msn messenger?
    Yes, i can speak to anybody interested by MSN or AIM but i wont be around to do that untill first thing in the morning (GMT)

    If you mail me with your details i'll pass on my MSN + AIM address.

    Are these customers using a control panel?
    Sorry, i knew i'd forget something, they are all using cPanel.


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    contact me please, thank you

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    I had two emails already asking if i will consider selling just the clients, without the licences/domains/layouts etc and yes i will, but will not consider selling just some of the clients, they must be kept together.


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    hmm' i'm interested in the clients, can you contact me please

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    I have e-mailed you.

    Jason B

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    London, United Kingdom

    how much is the reseller account each month , and which gnax reseller is it with ?

    what payment method do the clients use (paypal, cheque, worldpay ?)

    which control pnale do the clients currently have

    whats the geographical split of clienst between uk and us ?

    are the domains/sites you manage under the same reseller a/c at the mo, and what's their space/transfer requirements

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    Rob, i just responded to your email which i think covers all your questions.

    I think i've replied to everybody that's contacted me so far, with the exception of people that gave no information about their company, one or two who's site scared me away for some reason and those that came by PM (John G, your server bounces my mail as an "invalid sender")

    The need for hosting my own sites seems to be confusing people, to make it easier, i'm happy to look at "regular" offers for the clients and will probally then arrange to host some sites with the buyer separately.

    And in response to a common question: no, neither i nor the business owes any money.


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    weren't looking to make a bundle on this business were you?

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