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    * Having problems making changes to the web server on the network


    I maintain an ASP web application hosted on IIS. The server is a cluster of 2 machines and i connect to it using a mapped network drive to make changes to the pages on the server as and when required.I am the only person who works on the web application. The server is maintained by another team

    Since the last 3 days i am having a strange problem. Any changes that i make to the pages on the server are getting overwritten by an older version. What is stranger is that this happens only if i copy the changes from my machine to the server. If i do it from another machine i do not have the problem.

    Can any one please throw some light on what could be the problem.

    Really appreciate any inputs as i am at a dead end


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    Hi there,

    It's hard for me to make to much of a comment since I don't know the exact configuration you have in your cluster, and the fact that I'm not overly familiar with clustering with Windows; however, perhaps a few suggestions I can offer that might help.

    You say the machines are clustered, I assume there is some sort of fault tolerance in the situation as well. You may want to check that you are in fact copying to a location that is not the backup in the situation.

    Also you had mentioned if you copy to the mapped drive from another machine it functions correctly. That said, have you checked the network path used on both machines to ensure they're both going to the same location? You may also want to check that on both machines the network paths go to the same place.

    Reading over what I've written, I might have said some items that seem perhaps idiotic. But, I've found often the solution is something very simple that we overlook. :-)

    Hope I've helped,

    Rory Erickson
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    Hi LearnNet,

    Remove the clustering to test again. This is very common. When you make a change, you to make sure the 2 machines undestand that a change has been made.

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