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    Any links To Get Mobile Phones But....

    Hi all love this site all now,

    Well i was just wondering, i have seen on ebay that people are getting like 8 x mobile phones for like 2,000 and they are worth 5,000. I dont trust ebay and especially this possible scam, so i was wondering is there any links you can get this many phones or even more for a possible price.

    Also if it works for any other things, such as laptops. I need it for my new company which im building and hoping to get it over quick and easy.

    Any help please

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    8 mobile phones for 5k ? Where do you live?
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    I was just using as an example, you know what im getting at.

    Any help would be great.
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    Go to China?
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    I was thinking something like that, any import links possibly. I used to have them on my old pc before i got rid of the memory

    I feel down now
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    Basically i need a bulk package is what im after.
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    might be of help, but I am not sure if you wanted new or used phones

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    817 has some wholesale prices but their minimum is 50. You should also check out the marketplace over at
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