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    Custom Components

    Do you install any custom component requested by client? eg: some asp components, etc.

    Have you ever rejected some requests? And under what circumstances will you reject?

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    I would say it depends on each case. Server load would be my main concern in such a case. On the other side - I would not install all known components in the beginning either. Do research and ask others when a certain component is request.
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    We install components if they are not going to affect other users and if they are not too time consuming to setup/maintain.

    If someone wants heavy customization we upgrade them to a dedicated server and then charge extra for configuration/installation of all the components they want.

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    It would probably depend on the affect it would have on the server. If it was benificial to all the answer would quite probably be yes.

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    I agree; it depends on what they plan to use it for and how it will affect server performance/security.
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    If its a custom Component I would ask them to provide the source code first, you never know what they are up to.

    If its a windows dll for example if they have put some malacious code in there they could be purposely trying to open a backdoor into the server etc - highly unlikely I suppose but I still like to know exactly what I am installing.

    Also you could tell by the source code if its going to kill your server or not.

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    are you charging for installing component?

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    We do not charge, but we also charge much higher than the going "WHT" rate for shared / reseller hosting.
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    As do many other people I don't know how many times I've said that wht is not the only pricing in the market.
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