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    REQUEST : Hosting Site Revampment - US$500 Budget

    We need to revamp my hosting site and have a budget of US$500. This is the maximum we will pay so please do not ask for a higher quote.

    Here are the summary for the revampment:

    1. Flash site needed (Unique Design with optimisation for fast loading), No ready-made template please.
    2. Custom made Order form and integrate with WorldPay.
    3. Integration of Domain Whois with Order form
    4. Around 15 pages.
    5. A contact submission form.
    6. + other small details.

    Please PM me or reply to this thread together with your portfolio if you are interested.

    Warmest Regards

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    You realise you're asking a lot for 500$?

    Good luck anyhow
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    I'll email you, but you have emails disabled here, so I PM'd you instead.

    It is a lot to ask for that price, but I'll take your project. (details in PM)
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    the part were something like that could get to be a lot is possible the integration part unless you can just paste some tag that says <?php integrate here?>

    you submission forms to email should be a breeze though

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    I can do this for you. PM'd.
    HQ Max

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    I agree when asking for domain name intergration and payment gateways plus 15 pages of custome work for $500. I can do a ready made template from scratch for $400 and you realize the first page is the only page that is ready made when it comes to most psp templates. For $200 I can redo a site Im selling will redo all the links change the flash header to a psp of your choice and let me tell ya that will be your best deal there are alot of pages done plus all ready set up with 2checkout all you need is 2 checkout merchat account, cj account so I could change the referal id for commision junctions links any ways my site is this was done with a pre-made template tell me how does it look.

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    And the winner is .... ?
    HQ Max

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