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    Home site SSL certificate


    I did a self generated SSL certificate for my home site (to make connection to the admin panel SSL secured). Now, whenever anyone goes to their site admin panel (or I get a forbidden/not found message because I typed the wrong site), I get the Install Certificate screen. Is there any way to turn that off?

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    I am a little unclear on the forbidden not found issue. However, if you generate a certicicate, you will get a pop up asking if you trust the certificiate or not. To prevent this behavior, you need to buy a certificate from a cert authority.

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    Hi quark,

    This is definately a known problem and has been bugging me for ages but the rewrite rules for the errorpages are so convoluted I have never found a quick fix and never had enough time to investigate properly.

    Just to show you that your not the only one see here

    The best fix is probably just to remove the images out of the errordocuments (if you change the images to come from a non ssl server then your https errordocs will throw up warnings).

    The other fix is to create proper site specific errorpages using an .htaccess file for each site. The results look nicer but it's a pain to get every customer to do it!!

    Tell me if you get anywhere


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