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    Logo design review

    I am a newbie who just want to put ideas into actions.

    I have recently design a logo meant for a graphic forum/community. However, I am looking for improvements as a mean of learning.

    Hope to gather as much feedback as possible

    The logo is as below

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    hey not bad! but i think that if the name is crystalis then the logo should contains some crystals effect, but not over done..

    Here's an example on how logo indenity works..

    If a business or comapany name is box then the logo would contain a few squares that represnts "box". and if a business or company name is circle then it should contains cricles to represnts the "circle".. this is not always the case, the typeface can contains those effects as well. But it the basic theory when u design a logo.

    A logo is an indienty that represents certain product or name. Here's another example McDonnals logo "M" is made out of french fries shape, well it suppose to be..

    Hope that helps.

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