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    theplanet network maintenance

    and all tc servers down


    Planet Engineering will be performing emergency maintenance on the CAR4-1 and CAR4-2 routers. This work could take up to 2 hours to complete. While we do not anticipate any extended downtime, it is possible that connectivity will be lost during the work.

    This work is necessary to guarantee the 100% uptime SLA going forward and should result in improved network performance.

    Normally, we would try and give you at least a week's notice prior to the work, but the issue recently manifested and we are not of the opinion that the work can be postponed beyond Sunday evening.

    after 30 min all up - hope it stays like that
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    At least this thread got a sensible title, unlike the planned maintenance thread. Thanks for letting us know

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    and down again

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    both servers on defrant routers are up

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    Originally posted by BizB
    both servers on defrant routers are up
    yep now up

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    I'm still down. The Planet declared maintenance complete, but only my server's primary IP has been routable (and that on and off) for the last 7 hours. Since all my clients are on secondary IPs, I'm effectively offline. UGH. No ETA from TP on when they'll have the problem resolved, either. Not impressed.

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    all my ips are ok - hope they will fix your soon

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