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    FreeBSD, Red Hat, CPanel, Ensim and Plesl

    Hi! Can I know which of those control panel would you recommend to a rather newbie webmaster?

    Which would you not recommend? Thanks.

    (and I wonder why there are so many control panels)
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    First, freeBSD and Red Hat aren't control panels. Those are operating systems. Of the two I would certainly suggest Red Hat for a newbie.

    Of these 3 control panels: CPanel, Ensim and Plesk- I would think CPanel is the easiest to use and has most features. However dont necesarily take my word for it, as I havent kept myself up to date on ensim or plesk Another fairly easy to use, and great looking control panel, is Direct Admin (which I currently use myself). (look around on the respective control panels homepages, you will probably find demos you can try out)

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    The most popular combination is RedHat Linux (The OS) with Cpanel (The Control Panel).

    It is feature packed and constantly updated. The only downside are the security issues which pop up from time to time.

    Good Luck, and we hope you find the information your seeking after.
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    I would probably recommend cpanel for a newbie host too. Just make sure you hire someone to secure your server.
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