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    How Long Before You Cancel

    You get a order for hosting. A good thing. But the person does not complete the payment phase of the order. How long do you hold onto the account before you cancel the order? Or do you cancel right away?

    I never add the hosting account to the servers until payment has been received and confirmed. But the order is in my Hosting Admin program. If payment is not received within 24 hours, I then cancel the account and delete the order.

    What do you do??
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    It never get's setup without payment. I just send a quick email out to them asking them if there was a problem, and if there's anything we can do to fix it. 3 out of 4 times I never get a response.

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    24 hours is good.
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    I think it depends on how they're paying too. I do:

    24 hours for PayPal
    10 days for Checks/Money orders (if you choose to accept them)

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    I do the same as Akash - and also send a quick note checking for problems.

    and as inogenius mentioned - 3/4 times no answer. But the ones that do answer are generally pretty greatful that you took the time to email - which only helps you when they mention you to their friends.

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    Even with the payment going through, don't you check to make sure that the domain is valid? We have had a few new clients over the past few weeks sign up with unpurchased domains. I finally wrote something in the TOS about not signing up for the hosting plans without first purchasing a domain. I have gotten into the habit of checking that out now, with every new client.

    We had a person recently that didn't have a domain purchased and didn't know how to purchase it even after instructions in several emails I sent.

    If they pay and the domain is valid, I set them up once the payment is verified and cleared.

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    We do cheque / bank transfer as well, so I always allow just over a week. You'll be surprised the sales you are losing if you are only giving it 24 hours in my opinion.
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    I have setup an account without payment for 1 month.
    But that was my friend

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    I say 3days for paypal

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    Our accounts are never created if payment isnt completed, unless they select mail in payment in which case their account is created in a pending state, when payment is recieved the account is created on the server.

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    I have had someone pending for 3 weeks then finally pay...
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    I allow up to 48 hours from when the order is placed. I then setup the account after I have recieved payment.
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