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    I just want to thank you for all people posting here.
    It was really helpful to decide my webhosting.

    Anyway, I chose
    There are bad&good comments for them.
    But I finally decided to trust them.

    I orderred the service yesterday night - 3/29 around 1:40am(EST).
    According to an email that I got from them, my account will be active in 24hours.

    My account hasn't been active yet.
    It's 10pm already so they got about 3hours.

    Watch what it is going to happen....

    By the way, my domain is

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    Good luck to you with Mesopia, hopefully your account will be setup soon. Come back in few months and post a review if you can
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    yeah. I hope so too.

    I got a hosting service with 2 years ago.
    They were fast to activate my account.
    It was like 1 hour.

    I was wonderring why mesopia takes 24 hours but I can't complain much caz has good deal for cost ...hehe

    By the way, was one of the hosting service I can recommend to other people.

    - They are fast to activate your account.
    - They have good customer support. email response was sooo quick.
    - I had no downtime as far as I know.

    - My friend registerred domain & got hosting service with them.
    They registerred my friend's domain incorrectly.
    It was but they did like..."".
    Initially they sent email to my friend with correct name so obviously they made the mistake. It was kinda hussle for him.
    - bit expensive 100M space for $10, but you know, for personal websites, never gonna fill this 100M space anyway lol.
    - you can have just one mysql db.

    Hope this will help some people in this forum.

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    Should come back and give us further reviews of your wonderful service. Perhaps in the 3rd - 6th - 12th month states you are with them.

    Good Luck with your host.

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    that's fine

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    I was just about to start a new thread about them.

    I have one bad and one good review about them.

    The good one is :
    I have an account with them (Linux Package) and It's been acout 2 months. Everything looks fine. Yup the uptime , billing , activation is ok. But there is one problem which is HORRIBLE.

    I ordered a new package with them instead of using a reseller account because I thought bandwidth was not going to be enough for me. Nevermind , I got my account activated about 10 minutes after my sign up. I got my login info . Before that , at the end of my sign up I the customer billing software gave me nameservers to update my domain . I was just about to update my nameservers and then I received a signup email telling me different nameservers to update my domain.

    I thought It's ok , ppl make mistakes and I emailed them about which one to use. A guy gave me the correct one and I updated my nameservers.

    It took about 12 hours or so and my domain became active. That's when the problem began. Next day when I checked my domain it wasn't available. I submitted a ticket to support desk about why my domain was deactivated they said :

    After you update your name servers, your site will work on and off for 3-5 days for required dns propagation.

    Thank you,
    I thought It was ok and there might have been problems (I never saw after a dns update a domain disappearing for ns update again). I emailed them back later and they never responded.
    2 days later they responded again saying

    Please ensure your name servers are set to ns17/, nothing else.

    Please also allow 5-7 days for dns propagation.

    Thank you,
    First they said 3-5 day. At the second response they said 5-7 days and closed the ticket without responding.

    I told them that :
    "I already ordered 10 days ago (my account was activated on 19th) and it was running. Please respond" but they never responded.

    I don't know what to say. Horrible support.
    Wait for 3 days to get my site online . 1 minute = Disappear . Total 10 days - Still not active.

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    Dead line for acccount activation was 1:40AM.
    and i got an email by 1:33AM!

    Well, I guess they passed the first test .

    I will keep post to evaluate them

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    ok. my account is active on now.

    But my domain isn't active yet.
    I wonder how long will they take to activate my domain...
    According to them, it will take up to 72hours.
    It has been 36hours so they have another 36hours...

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    Please post your reviews after a month or two!

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    Please post your reviews after a month or two!
    If you're telling that to me I already mentioned them I've been using their services for about 2 or 3 months.
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    Note: For new domains, it will take approximately 24-48 hours for your domain
    to propagate before it is available. The average time for a name server edit is
    12-24 hours.

    42 hours.
    So has about 4hours to activate my domain

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    My site is now up.
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    Mine's too!!!


    So they passed the 2nd test too.

    Watch what it is going to happen on me next a couple months.

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    It has been fine with

    Some said the support is now slow compared to as they used to be.

    Like...someone request PHP GD lib on server 2month ago.
    and mesopia support said they will install it. but it hasn't happened yet.

    They have own forum to disccuss issue too.
    The support people always response to thoes issue.
    It helps me so much.

    So far, I want to keep this hosting service.

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    21 is down, along with all of my sites...again. This is a regular issue with them over the past couple of one point, email for everyone on one of their servers was down for four days!
    ps: yes, I am done with them.

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    Yeah... it seems to be down... it has been 30min.
    I hope this will be fixed soon...

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    Just talked to the planet (where mesopia gets their service from). The outage is due to accounting disconnects (non-payment of bills).

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    Angry whatever

    Ever the optimist aren't you? They are having uptime issues for at least a couple of months now...glad I never brought most of my clients to that mess!

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    So they didn't pay the bill ??

    are we dead? LOL

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    unless mesopia writes a check really quick, i'd say we're gonners. at least it took everything out (they were running several hosting companies it looks like).

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    I should have backed up my files...
    I can't believe they didn't pay for it...
    How could it possibly happen???

    Thx gris.
    By the way, what's the.. "the planet"? can u tell me the url?

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    I kept refreshing this forum lol

    thx gris again.

    So situation is that didn't pay hosting fee on
    Does that mean all files & database on are gone permanently?
    If so, this gets really really messy................

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    i guess it depends on whether mesopia brings their account with the planet current

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    Mesopia is aware and actively working to resolve the issue. No files will be lost, SLA credit will be rewarded, and Jay says services should be back up and running within an hour or two. (I'm talking with him now) It is due to an accounting glitch/problem lying on both ends of this issue, hopefully will not happen again after this, as Mesopia will be making different payment arrangements with ThePlanet. This service interruption should only effect clients across four of the mesopia servers, as there are many elsewhere which are still up and running fine.


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    aww.... who is this angle...LOL

    thx for the info.

    I was gonna hang myself.....
    I hope they will explain what exactly happened with details,,offically.

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    can you give an example of one that is working?

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    I just have to say I'm surprised that the upstream provider would disclose accounting details about the host's account to other parties. (We would certainly never give out details about say, a Reseller's payment status to one of their clients.) I hope everything works out for you though. It sounds like someone is helping you to work on the issue.
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    Originally posted by jcwebii
    I just have to say I'm surprised that the upstream provider would disclose accounting details about the host's account to other parties. (We would certainly never give out details about say, a Reseller's payment status to one of their clients.) I hope everything works out for you though. It sounds like someone is helping you to work on the issue.
    I agree with that, Jay was astonished to hear what ThePlanet told grisgris.

    I am not currently affiliated with Mesopia but as a spokesperson/helper here and there, but I can say that Jay is working on getting everything resolved, and he is not too happy with ThePlanet and how they've handled the accounting for his account this month. I am not familiar with all of the Mesopia servers, but Jay noted that there are more currently online than there are offline, in other datacenters. (there are some in DN, and a few at Ev1, I believe)


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    i was surprised too... that's what happens when a tech forgets to put the phone on must when he yells to his buddy 'is mesopia on acctg disconnect?', then 'yeah, mumble mumble mumble').

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    Yeah... that's true..strange.
    I don't think that's realistic to give out payment info to the public...

    Now, I don't know who i should trust.

    I only can pray. save me.

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    Service has been restored.

    As Dr2-Matt noted above, there was an accounting glitch at ThePlanet that brought some client web servers and are main web server offline today for approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.

    Some of the events that have proceeded to happen today have put a sour taste in my mouth regarding ThePlanet and how they handle their clients. These issues will be evaluated over the next few days and appropriate action will be taken so that this type of thing will never occur again.

    All web servers are back online (or coming back online) as I type this. I do thank our clients for their patience and understanding in this matter.

    Thank you,

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    >> I only can pray. save me. <<

    Save yourself. Open an account somewhere else, upload your last backup, change the namserver pointers. I'd have done that as soon as the risks became apparent.

    Fight your battle with Mesopia for your money back when you are up and running safely with a different host.
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    Nah. I can live with as long as Jay is actively taking care of us.

    What I like about is,,, one way to another, they will fix the issue(mostly, not everything).
    Also, When I stuck some problems and request help, I feel Im talking with actual person , not the answering machine.

    But it is sure that this accident made people really nervous to put serious business stuff. Mesopia should be aware of it.

    I only put my experimental script stuff on mesopia so far.
    I still have to carefully look at how they improve their service.
    So someday I can put serious stuff on them with confidence.

    thx guys making comment on this thread.

    we are still watching out

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    * not taking anymore chances with Mesopia

    So basically, if grisgris hadn't found out from ThePlanet, we could have expected some bull-type statement?
    I can see why Mesopia would be xtrmely upset about this, but I'm glad it's public. BTW, Mesopia actually goes by more then one name, none of which I will ever do business with again.

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    What are the other names? just curious...

    I shall report more anything about mesopia in this thread

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