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    Question Something Basic, But Usefull

    I'm Trying To Find A Nice CP For My Server.

    Not a Full Blow WEBHOSTING CP

    What I Offer Is:
    Small Personal Webpages
    Shell Access. EGG, Bit*hX

    I Need Something That Can Allow Me To Control User Disk Space, Allowed Process # 1,2 or 3 Allowed Processes, And Manage Their Small Webpage Abd Single E-Mail Account.

    I Have Allready Tryed Webmin, It's Nice, But Not Quite What I'm Looking For.

    Any Help Would Be Great!

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    You could try cPanel, and have a custom skin done to eliminate the fluff and extra features.

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    Not Rich Here. CPanel Is To Much For This Kind Of Hosting.

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    I think only commercial scripts have those features

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    Well, Do You Know Of One?

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