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    Downloading in SSH

    how can I download a file and/or many files and folders using ssh and and i'm using xshell

    i have root access just to lety ou know


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    Enable web or ftp services and get them off that way.

    SSH Telnet is not for downloading. I suppose with the right client you could xmodem or kermit them down?
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    Using a SFTP such as WinSCP will enable you to log into SSH to download (SCP) files.
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    u want to download files

    from where?

    http, ftp?

    wget works on both http and ftp protocols

    type wget --help for more help on this

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    i'm loggined into my other server via my home desktop

    what I want to do is to download a file via SSH fromt hat server onto my desktop at home

    hope it helps? I dont have ftp access

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    you can try to use WINSCP download and it will help u ! cools program

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