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    * logo fonts help me please! :(

    hey guys, i need some proffesional logo fonts. Like you know how they write, Company then they write slogan on a logo.. I need a few proffesional fonts that they use to write those stuff out. Please help me.

    Where can i find these fonts.. Do u know what the names are called? Please help out..

    Or if you know any good proffesional fonts that a lot of web designers use for their business please let me know.

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    Alot of the best professional fonts come with windows. It's just how you use them that makes them look good in a logo. Otherwise, just look through font sites, and make sure the font is allowed to be used for commercial purposes.
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    oh okay, thanks for letting me know.. If anyone out there knows any other stuff, please post below.. thanks

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    You could try some of the Adobe fonts from

    They are quite expensive but the quality really does shine through. For around $10,000 you could own the complete Adobe set.

    It all depends on where your ambitions and scales of econmy lie.

    When you say professional that means to me that you want to stay away from the everyday fonts that are free to download.

    When logo designers create a logo for a client they are not thinking of 3 or 4 fonts that they always use for logos but they are thinking about what is the RIGHT font for this logo.

    A bit of research from the designer can pay dividends to the client when presented with a design that utilises a rare but powerful font. A good designer may also modify the font or in fact create one from scratch for that particular client only.

    The trend today is to use clean , san serif fonts. I personally do not follow trends as they soon become fads. Just look what happened to the "ball and swoosh".

    Have a good library of fonts and select on a client by client basis. That way you will create more unique logos rather than having a portfolio where they all look the same.

    Just some thoughts and ideas for you.


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    But he didn't mention 'professional' - he wanted proffesional!

    Hehe, Just poking fun
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    hovik, what graphics/design program are you using?

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    There are quite a few nice onces included with Illustrator--I'm sure it's the same with freehand, etc.
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