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    IP addresses - paying for them?

    Hi all,

    I'd like to get some input on what people think of paying for IP addresses.

    My current host charges $1 a month for each IP address, though I've heard your not allowed to "charge" for IP addresses, rather a one-time administration fee.

    Is this true? If not, do you have any advice on getting your host to stop charging you monthly when asking doesn't provide any help?


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    There's nothing wrong with charging for ip address, coz. some providers provide it for free while some providers charge a your host maybe just passing you what he's being charged.

    Ps. We charge $3 per month for IP address.
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    we charge $3 per ip per month as well.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    It was my understanding you weren't allowed to rent, resell etc IP addresses. Guess I was wrong!

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    It really depends on your webhost. One IP address should be standard with every hosting account. Additional IP addresses are different and I assume that's what your web host is charging you for.
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    Originally posted by TheFish
    It really depends on your webhost. One IP address should be standard with every hosting account. Additional IP addresses are different and I assume that's what your web host is charging you for.

    A free static IP with every hosting account? Why, exactly?

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    $1/IP is pretty reasonable. Datacentres sometimes charge the host recurring fees as well for IPs - take EV1 for instance. They charge a $25 setup fee and $1/month per IP.

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    We charge for additional IP addresses which are being utilized by our clients for DNS, SSL etc. Why? We have to pay for them, so we pass the cost on to the person who is actually using the IP address. They are not free to us, and therefore not free to our clients.

    Seems only fair to me.
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    IPs here in Australia start from $2.20 and jump up to $6.60. If you want a static IP on your ADSL connection dish out another $15 (more ISP)!

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    It is becoming more common to have to pay for IPs. A large part has to do with ARIN rules. They want to make sure that you are really using the IPs and people tend to use things they are paying for.

    We used to provide free IPs when I first started. I had this guy that asked for 24 IPs and we gave them to him. A year later he had still only used 2 of the 24. We didn't charge him for the 24 but when we asked for 16 of them back he wanted a discount on his hosting. I was not real happy with that.

    We now provide 2 dedicated IPs for each reseller account so they can be used for private nameservers and SSL certs. By offering additional IPs even at $1.00 per month most people now justify it before the ask for more.
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    We get charged 10 dollar setup and 1 dollar a month for our ips so we just charge 1$ a month like many other people to cover our costs.
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    Every host charges the IP cost because they have to pay to DC guys. You can request to your hosting company to charge on yearly basic. It will solve your problem probably.

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    Well, SOMEONE has to pay ARIN for IP addresses so you might as well charge the client for it. Many hosts offer a certain amount free and then charge per additional (or per block). You can charge a recurring fee or a one-time fee for this.

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    We use ARIN ips, quite a good service i think

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    We charge around $1 per IP as well. It's not a bad deal considering that most cable/DSL ISP's here charge an average of $3.50 monthly per additional IP.

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    From the perspective of a DC, does it actually cost anything to give out IP addresses? Do they have to pay a fee to ARIN for evey IP assigned?
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    We all need to realize that IP addresses (until we move to IPv6) are a finite resource. As our business grows - IPs will become even more scarce. Scarcity=value=cost.

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    I would say the cost should be from free to 5 dollars

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    I'm new to your forum. Wish the heck I'd found you a couple years back.

    I'm currently using a reseller but am looking for an additional one. My current one provides 10 unique IP addresses at no additional charge.

    Does anybody know of any resellers offering at least 6 unique IP's at no additional charge?

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