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    partition confusion

    I hope you don't mind giving me some advise on my partitioning set up since I am going to install cpanel whm. I have been searching for partitioning set up and have found the cpanel tips website. BUT, I am left puzzled why as setting up my partitioning in red hat 9 text mode, I was given this partitioning setup. Will you kindly be glad to offer assistance?

    Device Start End Size Type Mount point

    /dev/hda1 1 13 101m ext3 /boot
    /dev/hda2 14 274 2047m swap
    /dev/hda3 275 14437 111097m ext3 /home
    /dev/hda4 14438 19929 43080m Extended
    ..../dev/hda5 14438 16987 20002m ext3 /var
    ..../dev/hda6 16988 19537 20002m ext3 /usr
    ..../dev/hda7 19538 19798 2047m ext3 /
    ..../dev/hda8 19799 19929 1027m ext3 /tmp

    This is for a 120GB Hard drive

    I appreciate hearing from you,

    I did get some advise to set up a 120gb hd as:
    / 2048
    /boot 100M
    /usr 8192M
    /var 8192M
    /tmp 1024M
    swap (x2 RAM, Max 2048M)
    /home fill to disk

    I tried to set up partioning in order as listed and recieved the result above...

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    Ahh, the joys of working on hardware based in the 80's...

    You are limited to four primary partitions on a PC based system. In your case hda4 is an "extended" partion that can itself have partitions. You'll never directly interact with hda4, only the child partitions hda5 - hda8.

    Basically you're ok. It's just the fact that there can only be four primary partitions that makes it a bit confusing.

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    Oh ok, It was put there as I was in the disk druid trying to config a partitioning. I tried to get it deleted but it will not allow me and it put it there kind of by default on it own.

    should I have done it better?

    thanks for the tip...

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    The only way to delete an extended partition is to first delete all of the sub-partitions first. Really, I think your configuration is ok. I personally always have a /usr/local partition but that is a matter of taste, not a requirement.

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